If you are in the market for a suitable car lift, you’ve probably spent some time to choose between a 2-post and 4-post carlift. In a perfect situation, which is not always the case, one could afford both types of lifts, providing you already have the appropriate space and the funds to do so. Sometimes, however, one doesn´t have these things and therefore must weigh all the criteria exactly to decide which lift works best in his own garage.

Below we briefly listed some relevant advantages that are given with the purchase of a 2-post carlift:

Benefits of 2-post lifts

  • Lifts with two posts are best suited for working on tires, brakes and chassis, since the components to be processed can be easily reached by the free slopes.
  • 2-post lifts must be securely anchored.
  • Since the wheels are located under the lift arms, 2-post lifts can raise the car in a garage with a low ceiling easily.
  • 2-post lifts often require a smaller footprint in your workspace.

In addition to the general advantages, our new RP-6213B2 / RP-6214B2 2-post carlift brings many more new features, which facilitate the work in your garage tremendously.


Efficient equipment

When purchasing a carlift, speed is an important criteria which should not be disregarded. A rapid and steady lifting time or a quick and safe lowering time can increase your capacity to maintain the vehicles.

Our RP-6213B2 / RP-6214B2 2-post carlift requires for lifting and lowering only 45 seconds, which is a solid standard value for 2-post lifts. The lifting height of just over 2 m and a low minimum pad height of only 98 mm makes it possible to lift the latest transporter generations, popular cars and sports cars effortlessly.

High versatility

A hydraulic, powerful lifting system with two robust and maintenance-free high-pressure cylinders and with fewer moving parts as well as a significantly lower maintenance revenue than with a mechanical spindle lift, ensures a smooth workflow of our lift. We only use high quality materials from renowned manufacturers.

Our lifts are all equipped with a high-quality electric motor with copper windings, which ensures a longer service life. Other lift motors have only an aluminium winding which often wears out after intensive use.

The symmetrical support arms can swivel for superior comfort to the front and rear. In addition, through the 3-fold telescopic function maximum flexibility is guaranteed which allows you to lift any car easily. At the ends of each support arm are rubber plates attached, which are adjustable in height in a short time by means of a turnable 2-fold telescopic spindle.

Furthermore, when purchasing the RP-6213B2 / RP-6214B2 2-post carlift you can choose between a hydraulic system in 230 V or 400 V, which is mounted at the bottom of the post for convenient handling. Above that, a 24V control box is mounted which provides safety pushbuttons “Raise” and “Lower” for simple operation of the lift. If necessary, the carlift can be secured against unauthorized use.

Our carlift speaks not only for its performance but is also safe to use.

A mechanical safety latch integrated on both sides, ensures efficiency and safety at work. When lowering, the safety latch is released automatically. In the event of an unforeseen power failure there is an emergency lowering system for the safe lowering of the car.

Despite its space-saving design, the RP-6213B2 / RP-6214B2 2-post carlift allows for maximum drive-thru width of 2.6 m, which allows a wide opening the vehicle door without problems.

Best quality for a reasonable price

Our numerous customer reviews speak for the quality and high-quality workmanship of our carlift. Manufactured according to international safety standards and certified by TÜV Austria for increased security, our RP-6213B2 / RP-6214B2 2-post carlift is not only safe to use, but also high performance in operation. It has been tested with 50,000 lifting cycles at full load, which corresponds to the CE standard EN 1493. The production of the components, which is carried out among others also by Italian manufacturers, guarantees a very high product quality and long service life.

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