Besides the obligatory oil change and brake maintenance, repairing and replacing tires is on top of the to-do-list at your garage. A good tire changer, maintained and repaired in regular intervals, has a longer life and a higher productivity rate.

Times change, even in the world of tire changing! The days of simple steel-wheels and regular valve stems are quickly counted. Nowadays, car manufacturers bring their new series on the market equipped with softer aluminum tires, tires with stiff sidewalls and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) valve stems which, if improperly maintained, can be damaged.

If you are in the market for a tire changer, it is hard to find high-quality machines with long service life. Our robust RP-U200PN automotive tire changer meets all requirements to finish all customer orders with the best possible satisfaction in your garage.


The size is important

Before you opt for a tire changer, you have to know what wheel size you are likely to edit the most in your garage. A diameter of 20 to 24 inches is the generally accepted norm for most rims. While most semiautomatic tire changers have significantly lower clamping widths, our RP-U200PN tire changer has ,thanks to its 3-way adjustable jaws, a clamping range of 10 – 24 “, depending on the vehicle model a clamping capacity of 30” is possible.

Furthermore, our tire changer has a semi-automatic swivel mount column with a swivel range of 90 °, which allows an efficient, professional work and careful handling of tires and rims of all models from cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles. You can even mount smaller wheels such as from quads or lawnmowers easily.

Higher voltage equals a higher torque

The maintenance of the thick-walled truck tires or rims and tires with stubborn performances can cause the turntable on a tire changer to stall. Therefore, our RP-U200PN automotive tire changer, available in 230V or 400V, has a better chance of re-starting and continuing promptly after the stall. That makes tire changers with higher voltage more important, especially since nowadays most vehicles come out with lightweight aluminum rims and TPMS sensors, which in case of a breakdown enables the car owner to drive the car at a low speed.

Through the self-centering 4-fold clamping jaw system, the wheel positioning and centering is accomplished through the automatic mechanical centering system. The two powerful hydraulic clamping cylinders guarantee a proper clamping of the wheel. And the ergonomic tire bead breaker has integrated bordering elements, which guarantee easy usage. The supplied plastic protection allows for an even gentler pressing-down of the tire bead.

Sturdy construction

The construction of our RP-U200PN automotive tire changer is characterized by efficiency, expertise and stability. For the first time, an enhanced octagonal steel column is used. The extra wide mounting column guarantees easy and safe mounting. New steel treatment technologies achieve an even higher pressure resistance. Independent tolerance readjustment is also possible to avoid costly damages to rims.

The use of a high quality electric motor with copper windings assures an increased service life. With the powerful, coated cylinder, bead breaking is a breeze. It is durable due to the use of high-quality, rustproof materials and with pressure relief valve, which ensures accurate and efficient working. Last but not least, high-quality plastic inserts prevent damage during contact between the mounting head and aluminum rim.

We are meeting the future standards already

Car owners often wish large wheels, fuel economy requirements on the other hand are demanding tires with a low profile. These two requirements thus influence the type of wheels, being worked on. Therefore, you are well served by our RP-U200PN automotive tire changer.

Manufactured according to international safety standards and certified by TÜV Austria for increased security, our tire changer was tested with 100,000 mounting operations at full load, which conforms to the CE standard EN 1493. High quality materials and excellent workmanship guarantee adaptability to all future tire models, longevity and especially steady productivity.

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  1. Hi!
    Just bought one of these.
    I wonder how to manage the bead breaker work on bigger tyres (700-900mm in diameter)? The center of the wheel goes up, and the bead braker remains too low…

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