Professional tire changers as our RP-U221PN really alleviated the expense of the tire change with their demanding angle and control mechanisms. With technical progress tires have become specialized objects that are often more difficult in weight and handling. Our professional tire changers, whose construction and mechanics can handle each tire model effortlessly, have become more important, not least by our numerous satisfied clientele.

The RP-U221PN Montiermaschine has made the clamping and mounting of the tire to an even easier task. Due to the efficient design you no longer need a jack to handle flat tires.

An extra wide mounting column in stable drawing ensures a secure grip during the work on the tires. And by the octagon column which was reinforced by the newly developed tolerance alignment, it is possible to apply high pressure to the mounting column without the risk of bending. This massive construction guarantees safe and stable working in your garage.

Nowadays, there are a variety of tire changers, with our RP-U221PN you are technically up to date to meet the needs of your customers optimally.


Tire mounting has never been easier

Our RP-U221PN tire changer is equipped with a self-centering 4-fold clamping jaw system whereby the wheel is automatically put and centered in the correct position. The two powerful pneumatic clamping cylinders ensure a proper clamping of the vehicle wheel. Furthermore, the clamping jaws are adjustable to 3 positions, so wheels with a diameter of about 24 inches can be clamped, depending on the model also clamping ranges of up to 30 inches are possible.

This sophisticated mechanism and flexible clamping width makes it possible to edit wheels of various vehicle models. Even smaller wheels such as from quad bikes or lawn mowers can be spanned without difficulty.

During the clamping process the rotational speed is controlled by means of high-quality, ergonomic foot pedals, which significantly speed up the assembly process. With the pedals you operate the turntable, which works with a torque of 1200 Nm. Thanks to the construction of the transmission as well as low tolerances and low resistance, it is possible to generate such a high torque.

Innovative features

Like all our models, our RP-U221PN tire changer is also powered by a high-quality electric motor which is equipped with a copper wire coil for longevity and steady performance.

Our RP-U221PN tire changer is equipped with dual rotation speed, by which a proven rapid assembly and disassembly of tires is possible. Only our fully automated 400 V models currently include the 2 rotational speeds.

A new feature, that a few models of our machines are already equipped with, is the so-called AIR SHOCK air filling system.

This extremely comfortable filling system helps to refill newly mounted tires quick and with ease, and consists of a pedal-controlled tire inflator and a filling machine which is equipped with pressure accumulator and nozzles in the jaws. Thus while filling the tired you always have the required pressure.

You can achieve a very effortless mounting and dismounting of tires, even with low quality tires. Our tire changers are equipped with a modern assembly head, which provides with the supplied plastic inserts complete protection of friction in the assembly and disassembly of rims and wheels.

Conclusion: only tire changers of RP-TOOLS!

An important feature, especially for you as a mechanic or owner of a garage, is the efficiency and flexibility with which our RP-U221PN Montiermaschine works to process your customer orders correctly, safely and on time.

The construction according to international safety standards and certified by TÜV Austria for increased security, guarantees safe working with high-quality equipment. Our RP-U221PN tire changer has been tested with 100 000 assembly operations at full load, which corresponds to the CE standard EN 1493. Thus, our machines are not only safe, but also sturdy thanks to the use of quality materials in the manufacture, and durable with heavy use.

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