Many garages now offer a mobile repair service. Whether the vehicle has remained on the road, or the client notices a glitch on his vehicle and can not get away from home, only one call and the mobile repair service is there on site.

Our mobile RP U095PN wheel balancer meets all the requirements that an easily transportable wheel balancer has to have in order to be transported in a simple way from A to B, and to service the tires of your clients correctly and quickly through sophisticated technology.


Why is wheel balancing so important?

When a tire is attached to a wheel, the finished wheel assembly must be balanced. This process ensures that all imbalances of the mass (non-uniform weight distribution around the circumference) are checked and the used weights are balanced. Errors in balance often result, especially at high speed, in annoying vibrations on the steering wheel and can cause premature wear over a longer period of time, which can have an impact not only on the tires, but also on other components of the vehicle!

Counterweights are now being made of zinc instead of lead, and come in either a clip-on form, which is attached to the outer edge of the wheel at the balance rim, or via adhesive strips of weight.

Precision and mobility

The tires should be checked via balancing with a certain regularity – and even more so in the case of shocks or damage to the wheel or the tire group. It should also be noted that vibrations at any speed could also indicate a more serious problem, which should be examined immediately to avoid further security problems.

Through the new RP-TOOLS G2 metrology, our portable wheel balancer delivers even more accurate measurements to balance the wheels optimally and safely. In addition to easy portability, our RP-U095PN has various balancing modes, with which you can service all sorts of tires of different vehicles effortlessly.

Specific balancing programs for steel- or sensitive aluminum wheels, a quick optimization program as well as a particular mode for motorcycles make our wheel balancer a versatile device, which should be in every garage.

Another new feature of our RP-U095PN is the self-diagnosis and self-calibration. With built-in detection sensors, our wheel balancer immediately locates the defects on the tire, and thereby automatically aligns itself. The built-in sensor detect the measurements of the tires in seconds. All you have to do is attach the wheel and select the balancing mode, the machine does the rest.

All kinds of tires, that have a maximum weight of 65kg and a diameter between 10 -26 inches, can be attached easily.

Solide construction

Even in the case of a transportable wheel balancer, it may not be omitted on a stable structure. Like all of our wheel balancers, our mobile RP-U095PN is crafted with a massive steel structure, which helps to keep the costs for balancing wheels minimal.

The aforementioned sensors of self-diagnosis and automated calibration allow easy maintenance and guarantee a high longevity of the machine.

In the RP-U095PN wheel balancer is also a colored LED display integrated, with which you can enter all the data of the tires manually such as length, width or diameter. The displayed metric values such as grams or ounces and millimeters or inches can also be customized to your liking.

Our RP-U095PN runs on AC power or perforce by the cigarette lighter of the vehicle, which are perfect properties for a portable wheel balancer. For the power supply via main power, an AC / DC adapter is also provided.

Conclusion: For mobile equipment only RP TOOLS comes into consideration

Like all our products, our RP-U095PN mobile wheel balancer is manufactured according to international safety standards and certified by TÜV Austria for increased security. It was tested extensively in a test phase, and the quality and performance continues to improve.

By purchasing our RP-U095PN wheel balancer, nothing stands in your way of running a successful mobile autorepair service.


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