In the fourth episode, we’re getting straight down to the nitty-gritty. Daniel and Christian get to work on the 3.0si engine of our BMW Z4 …

The original BMW 3.0si engine has had its day. To make more space for the new 2JZ GTE engine the original engine and the powertrain must be removed from the Z4.

On this particular day the front is dismantled, all liquids drained and the electrics de-installed to help remove the engine from the BMW.

Disassembling a powertrain is hard work. Christian and Daniel have to keep many details in mind.

After the completion of all preparatory work the 3.0si engine is heaved from the Z4.

In the next episode, we’ll continue the engine works: the 2JZ GTE engine will be disassembled from the Aristo front cut.

Further information can be found here on the main page of the DOTZ DD2.JZ project.

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