In our fifth episode, the 2JZ GTE powertrain is disassembled from the Toyota Aristo front cut under fairly complicated conditions.

Since the front cut sits on a pallet, which makes it impossible to lift the car for de-installing the powertrain, Christian and Daniel decide to lift half of the car using a forklift.

As Daniel is the proud owner of a forklift license, the team is able to start with the disassembly straight away.

The Aristo body parts are not treated with kid gloves in this engine disassembly. The boys simply cut away the front sheet using a disc grinder.

In a jiffy, the history-charged 2JZ GTE powertrain is de-installed from the front cut.

In the next episode, the disassembled Toyota engine will be partially dismantled in order to carry out the planned tuning measures.

Further information can be found here on the main page of the DOTZ DD2.JZ project.